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Alexandros Bader


Founder and President of The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology (ESAG) European Board OB&GYN;.

Specialist in Pelvic floor Reconstructive and Urine dysfunction on females.

Specialist in Cosmetic & Aesthetic Gynecology.

Director Bader Medical Institute of London, UK

Scientific advisor & International visiting surgeon of Aesthetica Clinic in Dubai Scientific advisor & International Visiting Surgeon at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital “AACSH” in Dubai Official International Instructor and KOL of Alma Lasers for CO2 Laser Application on Female genital Rejuvenation.

Dr Bader is an internationally renowned specialist OB&GYN; and Cosmetic Gynaecologist who pioneered cosmetic vaginal surgery (CVS) in Europe. Dr Bader is the first doctor in the continent to practice exclusively Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), the American Academy of Cosmetic Gynaecologists (AAOCG), and the International Society of Cosmetogynecology (ISCG). He is regularly invited to lecture and teach at international meetings in cosmetic surgery. His exclusive involvement with reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgery for the last decade affords him the opportunity to deal with a large volume of interesting and complex cases on a daily basis. Dr. Bader is conducting frequently Hands On training courses and form the position of the president of The European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology “ESAG” and The World Academy of Cosmetic & Aesthetic Gynecology “WACAG”, he is leading a big number of enthusiastic doctors from all over the world who want be positively involved with this innovative field. Dr Bader is the director of Bader Medical Institute of London in UK. He divides his time between London, and Dubai, where he is visiting surgeon in several prestigious Clinics and Hospitals.

Ajakaida Renaud

Dr. Ajakaida is an Obstetrician Gynecologist 2005, Surgeon 1995. | Laser emn Genital tract and pelvic floor pathology. Bogota 2013 Diploma | Hands on cosmetoginecology 2013, International speaker 2014 to the present | Awards at ISCG 2014 to 2019 - ESAG 2019 | Academic director of the diploma in Fotonica in Gynecology 2014 international alliance

Al-Badr Ahmed

Consultant of Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery, Women’s Specialized Hospital, King Fahad Medical City (KFMC), Riyadh, KSA. Established the specialty of urogynecology in Saudi Arabia, since 2003, and established the subspecialty in Saudi, plus established the first urogynecology fellowship in the country, at KFMC, and formed the Saudi Urogynecology group. • Consultant of Cosmetic Gynecology, in practice since 2007, in private sector, being the first in the county and the region. • Executive Director, Research Center, KFMC, Riyadh, KSA. • Senior international faculty of the American Aesthetic Association • Have 46 publications, plus several ongoing research projects in the fields of urogynecology and cosmetic gynecology. Education: • July 2001: Canada (FRCSC) in Ob/Gyn, from University of Ottawa, Canada • June 2003: Fellowship in Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery, University of Toronto, Canada • June 2004: Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG)

Bahir Elias Edward

Dr Elias works as a senior consultant surgeon in the University Teaching Hospital of Besancon in France. He is one of rare surgeons in the French National Medical Council (registration n° 25-3433 / RPPS 10002494598) with double board specialty certification: Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgeon, the second certification is Orthopedic and Traumatologic surgeon. He is also Professor of Orthopedic, Traumatologic, Hand and Microsurgery in the General Medical Council of Egypt. Dr Elias has a double nationality Egyptian / French and fluent Arabic – French – English Languages, this permits him to travel to many countries for humanitarian missions all over the world, for surgeries, especially in the field of surgical reconstruction after female genital mutilations FGM, Women plastic genital surgery and sexual aesthetics and traumatic surgeries of the limbs. Dr Elias is a holder of a university master degree in Medical and clinical hypnosis, and as a Member of International Societies for Sexual Medicine, part of his activities is counselling for psycho-sexual problems.

Batalha Cristina

Gynecologist, Vice President of the Brazilian Cosmetogynecology Association, Brazilian representative in the IberoAmerican League of Regenerative Gynecology, Professor at the Bahiana Faculty of Medicine, Professor of Postgraduate in Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Ceará (UECe), Postgraduate Degree in Aesthetic Medicine by the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Postgraduate degree in genital pathology and colposcopy By UFBA (Federal university of Bahia)

Bensmail Hichem

Globally-distinguished obstetrician and gynecologist based at Clinique George V in Bordeaux, France. He specializes in both aesthetic and cosmetico-gynecologic surgery and urogynecology. Dr Bensmail is a pioneer of cosmetic vaginal surgery in France, being one of the first physicians to introduce hyaluronic acid and fractional CO2 laser use in gynecology. He additionally was the first physician to introduce quadripolar radio frequency and Magnetic field treatments in France, historically contributing to the development of cutting-edge techniques in the gynecologic and cosmetic gynecology fields. Dr Bensmail practices in France, Switzerland and Dubai. He frequently speaks at international medical conferences, and hosts clinical training courses. Dr. Bensmail has published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals to clarify the uses and efficacy of current and evolving gynecologic surgical techniques and treatments. Medical Degree in Toulouse University Hospital (France) Residency and fellowship in Bordeaux University Hospital (Ranked Best Hospital in France) Private practice in Polyclinique Bordeaux Nord Aquitaine since 2009 (Ranked Best Maternity in France), and Clinique George V in France, Clinique Regeneva in Geneva, Switzerland and the French Clinic/American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, Dubai United Arab Emirates. Postgraduate Degree in Medical Lasers (Université Paris Descartes, France) Postgraduate degree in Robotic Surgery (Nancy, France) Thesis on Total laparoscopic hysterectomy, Summa cum laude Clinical focus: sexual dysfunctions, postpartum recovery, after-childbirth concerns, perineal scars treatment, functional gynecology, Pelvic floor management, urinary incontinence treatment, Vaginal dryness and atrophy, Genitourinary syndrome of menopause. International Faculty speaker and trainer in worldwide congresses

Bratila Elvira

International renowned UroGynaecologist and expert surgeon in Vaginal, Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery from Bucharest, Romania. Prof Elvira Bratila has a major impact in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Romania and Europe, she is a Founding Member and VicePresident of the Romanian Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology and the President of the Romanian Urogynaecology Society and the President of East European Society for Endometriosis and Infertility. Passionate about the disorders in the Pelvic area she is an Uroginecology Certificated Lector and Coordinator of The Romanian National Programme for obtaining the Uroginecology Supra-specialization for Gynaecology Specialists. In addition to this, prof Bratila Elvira wrote many scientific papers, clinical trials and also textbooks and she had her Habilitation Thesis on “Diagnosis and Treatment Algorithms in Pelvic Floor Disorders" and her PhD in Medical Sciences, with the thesis entitled “The Perineologic Concept in the Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders”. Nevertheless, she is a trainer, lecturer and course and workshop coordinator both in Romania and International, for innovative techniques for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence and utero-vaginal prolapse, and Vaginal reconstructive surgery. She is a renowned surgeon for deep endometriosis, both Laparoscopic and Robotic and the founder of Endomedicare Academy and East European Society for Endometriosis and Infertility, lecturer and coordinator for training gynaecologists about this pathology and providing information for patients as well. Continuous wanting to develop she had her Master's Degrees and Postgraduate Master's Course in „Medical biophysics and celular biotechnology” by UMF „Carol Davila”, Bucharest, after presenting the dissertation entitled "Evaluation of Immunohistochemical Profile of Endometriosis Implants".

Catalisano Claudio

Senior Gynaecologist with strong communication skills gained in thirty-years experience, now treading a new pathway in the field of Light- and Energy-Based technologies for Feminine Intimate Care. From three years I am exploring the Biotech world, hard coupling with research and development in high technologies for Gynaecology and Aesthetic Medicine. Head of Gynaecology and Pelvic Rehabilitation Departments, Cerba HealthCare, Milan (Italy), Medical and Scientific Director, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. 2013–2013, Master in Senology, Italian School of Senology ONLUS, Milan (Italy), Clinical Senology, Ultrasound breast evaluation | 1978–1983, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Milan, Milan (Italy), Thesis title: "Organization of a Childhood and Adolescence Gynaecological Service" | During the last two years of my Residency, I have attended an internship in Childhood and Adolescence Gynaecology, working in the Unit of Childhood Gynaecology, University of Florence, under the supervision of Professor Vincenzina Bruni, MD, ObGyn. | Gynaecology Residence under the supervision on Professor Candiani, MD, ObGyn. | 1973–1978, Master Degree in Medicine and Surgery, University of Milan, Milan (Italy), Thesis title: "Radioreceptorial dosage of Prolactin: clinical applications", During the last three years of my training, I have attended an internship in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Unit of Gynecological Endocrinology, University of Milan, under the supervision of Professor Crosignani, MD, ObGyn.

Clark Zljka

Speciality training at the University of the Witwatersrand: Johannesburg Hospital – Professor EWW Sonnendecker, Professor F Guidozzi | Coronation & JG Strijdom Hospitals – Professor GJ Hofmeyr, Professor SL Levin | Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital – Professor CJ Van Gelderen, Professor EJ Buchmann | Weekly attendance at academic meetings and journal clubs were compulsory as was presentation at such meetings in South Africa. | Courses attended included: South African Society of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists annual meeting Formal laparoscopic training course Formal ultrasound training Coronation Hospital, Johannesburg and Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital United Kingdom | ADDITIONAL TRAINING: Spent time in general surgical posts and a urology post to broaden my overall experience and capabitlities, Ultrasound training, University of Stellenbosch, first trimester screening. (UK Fetal Medicine Foundation course)

Elias Jorge

Jorge Elias is a member of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology - ISCG, Pelosi Medical Center, Headquarters Bayone, New Jersey-USA. President and Founding Member of the Argentina Society of Aesthetic Gynecology - SARGE. International Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery - AACS. Founder and Director Gynestetic Health and Aesthetic Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founding and Director Academy Online and Presential Aesthetic and Regenerative Gynecology - AMGER. Faculty Member of the Argentina Society Laser and Medical Technology - SALTEM. International Member Spanish Society of Surgical Medical Laser - SELMQ. Faculty member of Paraguayan Society of Aestethic medicine and regenerative gynecology. Honorary Member Spanish Society Cosmetic Gynecology - SEGERF. Honorary Member Brasilian Asociation Cosmetic Gynecology - ABCGIN. Faculty Member South American Academy Cosmétic Surgery - SACCS

Fogarassy Attila

Dr. Fogarassy is A MEMBER OF A SERIES OF NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SOCIETIES: WALS , ESAG, AAA, SREG, ISOUG, SLS, AAGL , SAGES , AIUM , SROG,SRGOG | MULTIPLE PARTICIPATIONS AT NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES | LAPAROSCOPIC SURGEON, UROGYNECOLOGYST, OBSTETRICIAN, GENITAL ESTETICS AND FUNCTIONALITY AUGMENTATION | MD 01/2015 to Current, Timişoara County Emergency Clinical Hospital – Timișoara, TM | MD 01/2009 to Current, Gyniclinique – Timișoara, TM | MD 01/2009 to Current, Spital Premiere – Timișoara, TM | Jan 2009, OB/GYN SPECIALIST: GYNECOLOGY; REZIDENCY IN OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY - Timișoara, Timiș | Jul 2003, M.D.: MEDICINE; Victor Babeş University of Medicine and Pharmacy - Timișoara, TM | Jul 1996, High School Diploma: INFORMATICS; Béla Bartók Highschool - Timișoara, TM

Frates Beth

B.A., Psychology & Biology, Harvard University, 9/1986-6/1990 | M.D., Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine, 6/1991-6/1996 | Intern, Internal Medicine, MGH/Harvard Medical School, 7/1996-6/1997 | Resident Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), Spaulding/Harvard Medical School, 7/1997-6/2000 | Since graduating from residency in 2000, I have worked in academic medicine, focusing on teaching, writing and giving presentations on stroke prevention, healthy habits, as well as lifestyle medicine. I have not been involved with direct patient care as a physician. Teaching has always been a passion for me. When I was a fourth year medical student, I created an elective to allow me to be a tutorial facilitator at HMS in the Human Central Nervous system, and for almost ten years, I served as a tutorial leader in multiple courses at HMS including Endocrine system, Musculoskeletal system, Nutrition, and Introduction to the Profession. Currently, my teaching is predominantly in the form of CME courses and most recently a college level course on lifestyle medicine at the Harvard Extension School. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to speak at National and International Conferences as well as give workshops to physiatrists and other specialists on the topic of lifestyle medicine. For almost ten years, I have worked as the Director of Medical Education at the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (ILM). In this role, I have the opportunity to educate physicians about lifestyle medicine including exercise, nutrition, stress management, smoking cessation, medication compliance, and behavior modification, by writing online CME courses, presenting at live CME courses, and developing new CME materials. I was the Co-Course Director for two annual CME courses for almost 10 years. In addition, I initiated and developed a lifestyle medicine lunch talk series for HMS medical students on exercise prescription and motivating patients to exercise. Now, the group is an official interest group at HMS and I am the faculty advisor. It is called the Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group (LMIG). This model has now been adopted nationally and internationally. Having graduated from Stanford Medical School, I had contacts at that institution and helped Dr. Michael Fredericson create a lifestyle medicine interest group at Stanford. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to speak at both National and International Conferences and give workshops to physicians and other healthcare providers on the topic of lifestyle medicine. I was recently voted to the Board of Directors of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine where I have been working to help shape this new field in medicine. In addition, I am an item writer for the certification exam in lifestyle medicine run by the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine. Most recently, I co-authored a Lifestyle Medicine Handbook with three colleagues, which was published and available since October 2018. In September 2014, I independently created and delivered a college and psychology masters degree level course titled, Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine for the Harvard Extension School. There were 14 weeks in the course and I lectured for 2 hours a week. I also designed the one-hour per week sections which were delivered by teaching assistants. The class received 4.9 out of 5 ratings, and I received a teaching award for receiving 4.9 out of 5 ratings as an instructor. I taught the class again in 2015 with the same success receiving 4.9 out of 5 for the class rating. The average rating is 4.3 at the Extension school. Physicians and pre-meds have enrolled in the course. I have mentored five students from the Extension school, been faculty advisor for a field study for two student and am the thesis advisor for two students. These opportunities have helped me hone my teaching skills and mentoring skills. At this time, I have completed work to share my course with other professors nationally and internationally in partnership with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. I wrote a syllabus, published a handbook, and crafted 12 PowerPoint decks (120-200 slides each) which will be offered to other college professors by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine to help them offer courses in this topic. It’s release date is October 2019. Taking complex subjects, breaking them into parts, and presenting them as digestible bites for medical students, physicians, and lay people has been my goal for many years. Recognizing the need in the community for information about preventing a second stroke, I approached two colleagues to co-author with me a book for stroke survivors. Co-writing the book, Life After Stroke: Your Guide to Recovering Your Health and Preventing a Second Stroke (Johns Hopkins University Press 2006) provided me with ample opportunity to distill medical material into its most basic units in order to make it comprehensible to lay people. I was responsible for writing over half this book. My goal in publishing this book and giving presentations to the lay public is to decrease morbidity and mortality from stroke by teaching people about stroke basics, prevention tips, and warning signs, as well as motivating people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A large part of preventing a second stroke revolves around lifestyle behaviors such as exercise and diet. This sparked my interest in lifestyle medicine and behavior modification. To learn more about how to help patients change unhealthy habits into healthy new ones, I received training in wellness coaching in 2008 and am certified as a health and wellness coach through Wellcoaches® Corporations, which is accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine. In addition, I have completed three other coach training programs including Real Balance Coaching, Wellness Inventory and the National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach training. The behavior modification techniques and theories that I learned include motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, the transtheoretical model of change, social cognitive theory, and goal setting theory. In 2012, I co-authored a coaching chapter in the Lifestyle Medicine Textbook, edited by Dr. James Rippe (2013), and just completed another chapter on behavior change for Dr. Rippe for his new Textbook Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine to be published 2017. Dr. Rippe invited me to review his textbook to evaluate it for changes in the 3rd edition. I provided feedback and he followed my advice to bolster the behavior change section and add a section on addictions. I was the section editor for both of these sections in the 3rd edition. I am frequently asked to lecture and present on “The Rudiments of Behavior Change: Using the Coach Approach to Instill Lasting Change.” Over the years, I have used my training in behavior change to help stroke survivors and their caregivers make healthy lifestyle changes in support groups at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. In 2012, we piloted group coaching programs for stroke survivors and their caregivers which were successful in improving healthy habits. The results are published in Global Advances 2013. My new position of Director of Wellness Programming at the Stroke Research and Recovery Institute at Spaulding will allow me to utilize all my lifestyle medicine work, my teaching experience, and my wellness coaching practice experience to innovate, effective healthy lifestyle programs for stroke survivors, care givers and family members. From this pilot study, I developed an entire curriculum for stroke survivors and care givers called PAVING the Path to Wellness. I delivered this program from June 2015- June 2016 at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charlestown. The program has been a great success with patients reporting learning about stroke prevention, losing weight, managing stress, lowering blood pressure, walking more steps, eating more vegetables, and connecting with friends. The program is now part of a research protocol proposal for MGH Breast Cancer patients and Spaulding TBI patients. Stanford University Hospital adopted the PAVING the Path program for their stroke survivors and caregivers in March 2017 and continues to use it today. Newton-Wellesley Hospital Breast Cancer Program with Dr. Amy Commander is using the program in the fall of 2019. In addition, Harvard Health Publications is worked to create an online learning module focused on this lifestyle medicine intervention and also helped publish an assessment tool for this program which is in use today. My work outside of Harvard revolves around health and wellness coaching. I am the Founder and owner of Wellness Synergy, LLC, which is my own private practice of health and wellness coaching. In this capacity, I do not practice medicine. I do not prescribe medications, do not do blood tests, nor do I do any lab analysis. Instead, I work with coaching clients 1:1 and in groups to help them adopt routine exercise, a healthy diet, regular restful sleep, and stress management. In addition, I provide workshops for companies, hospitals, schools, and other groups on healthy habits. The tools I have researched, practiced, and evaluated since I was 18 years old when my own father suffered a heart attack and stroke, the knowledge I gained in medical school, the skills I have honed in residency, and the experience I have had in my lifestyle medicine career all inform my work with people to use their lifestyles as medicine, without prescribing any medications. I use evidence-based strategies for making healthy habits stick, and I have created an evidence based program for attaining and sustaining optimal wellness. I have lectured at the Harvard Center for Wellness, the Harvard Wellness Conference, the Harvard Women’s Leadership Conference, the Harvard Freshman Parents’ Weekend, Meadowbrook School faculty development day, Wellesley Seniors Center, Kent Center for Life in Naples, and several other locations sharing my path to wellness. Over the years, I have developed a successful program for guiding people toward their optimal wellness titled, “PAVING a Path to Wellness with 12 STEPS.” I am in the process of self-publishing this material into a book. I am now at the point of researching this program on patients with stroke. My career goal is to use my training in physiatry, lifestyle medicine and wellness coaching to help reduce morbidity and mortality from lifestyle related disease such as stroke, CAD, HTN, diabetes, and obesity by educating physicians and patients about lifestyle medicine and by helping to foster a culture of wellness and self-care in the medical community as well as in society at large. By helping people adopt healthy habits, I work to keep people healthy.

Ganuschak Andriy

Specialist in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Gynecology, including Reconstructive Female Intimate Plastic Surgery, Sexual Medicine, Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Health Care. Head of The Center for Intimate Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Gynecology in Kyiv, Ukraine. Senior Member of The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology (E.S.A.G.) Member of the Association of Laser Medicine (A.L.M). I am a regular speaker at the International Aesthetic and Cosmetic Gynecology Conferences and Workshops, such as the - “Khrustalevsky Congress” - International educational course - training for plastic and reconstructive surgeons and cosmetologists - I.E.C.T.C. and I.C.T.P.S., St. Petersburg; - “Women’s Health – 21 Century. Strategy and tactics of solutions of interdisciplinary problems of Aesthetic Gynecology”, Ukraine; - "Medical Aesthetic Synergy Congress, M.A.S.C.", Ukraine; - “Expert Gynecology Meeting”, Ukraine. I am constantly doing academic work under the guidance of The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. I have more than 10 years' work experience in gynecology including aesthetic and cosmetic gynecology, female reconstructive genital plastic surgery. From 2018 I am an advanced training course teacher, course under the name "Actual issues of gynecology in the practice of a hospital doctor", with thematic improvement: "The use of laser technologies in gynecology." Center for advanced studies and professional development of medical workers of The Clinical Hospital Feofania, Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2007 I graduated from the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ukraine. I received special training and undertook an internship together with the best OBGYN doctors in Ukraine. While studying at the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University I worked as a medical assistant at private clinics and public hospitals in New York, USA for 1 year.

Goisis Mario

Mario Goisis is the director of Doctor’s Equipe, a group of 9 clinics and medical offices in Italy. He obtained his MD at Milan University in 1999. He is Certified in Maxillofacial Surgery since 2004. Dr. Goisis is often called upon by National and International medical and scientific groups to inform and teach doctors on the recent advances in medical and aesthetic cosmetic correction. As an invited speaker, he has lectured extensively in Europe, Asia and America. In recent years Dr. Goisis has organised more than 120 courses about regenerative medicine, aesthetic mini-invasive procedures and clinical anatomy. He has patented many instruments for aesthetic, reconstructive and regenerative treatments. He has written scientific articles about aesthetic medicine and surgery for American and European journals. He is the editor of the Atlas of Aesthetic Treatments published by Springer, an Atlas with a step-by-step description of full-face treatment and body remodeling with fillers. This atlas is edited in many languages, included Corean and Chinese. He is the Author of the book Five Layers simple anatomy. Regarding aesthetic and regenerative medicine techniques, he has more than 15 years of experience.

Huang Wen Hsien Ethan

A qualified aesthetic surgeon and dermatologist with "Smart Clinics + Smart Labs" in Taiwan and China, CEO of GeneHope Bio and "Surgineer". He is the senior committee member of both Taiwan Society for Stem Cell Research (TSSCR) and China Medicine Education Association(CMEA) now and has received Open Innovation Interviews with Experts by Scientific Chinese on Dec.,2013. He is the advocater of needlehub thread lift (NHTL) and inventor of ThreaFa Tight® Series and also coinventor of GeneHope Facial Analyzer 3.0 and GeneHope Deep Heat ® EBD (Energy-Based Devices) Glass Project. He started working in aesthetic medicine since 1999 and later joined GeneHope group in the year of 2011. He is now president of Taiwan International Academy of Anti- aging Educator’s Training, president of Threafa Tight ® Biotech Ltd. and CEO/CMTO at GeneHope Biotech Ltd. His work has centered around building a sustainable anti-aging path to the future, and in particular has unceasingly make effort to increase innovative patents in various territories and works steadily and makes solid progress to meet all the market requirements. He is known for his prominent professional role both in China and Taiwan. His research interests include regenerative medicine (stem cell research), innovation of medical devices, VR/AR/MR, Deep Machine Learning, & medical robotics. Dr. Huang is an emerging technology evangelist and adviser, in demand global speaker and publisher on VRAR, AI, IoT and other technologies, as well as, a hands on developer that currently building a team of AI developers for healthcare, medtech and biotech.

Kasilovska Patricija

2016 – 2017 – Erasmus Universita Degli Studi di Napoli Federico II | 2017 – 2018 – Intership Policlinico A. Gemelli, Presidio Columbus | 2012 – 2018 – Vilnius University, Medicine faculty, Graduated in medicine. | Poster presentation “Secondary Dysmenorrhea Causes, Symptoms and Other Factors Exerting Influence on its Occurrence” ACE2016 5 th Asian Conference on Endometriosis Osaka, Japan | Poster presentation “ The evaluation of clinical signs and hormone changes in women with hyperandrogenism” World Human Reproduction Conference Rome, Italy | Poster Presentation “Clinical signs and hormonal changes in women with PCOS” Congress European Society of Gynecology Barcelona, Spain | Poster Presentation “Pelvic pain: relation between endometriosis and other factors”. Gynecological Endocrinology the 18 th World Congress, Florence, Italy. | Πoster Presentation “ Unexpected pregnancy – is it a big problem?”. Gynecological Endocrinology the 18 th World Congress, Florence, Italy. | Poster Presentation “ Dyspareunia – a common symptom of endometriosis and pelvic pain”. 4 thCongress of the “Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders. Florence, Italy | Poster Presentation“ How endometriosis affect woman life”. 4 th Congress of the “Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders. Florence, Italy. | Oral Presentation “HPV prevalence and cervical lesions in 18-25 years old woman population”. “Congress on Women’s Health and Disease”. Athens, Greece. | Menopause: from contraception to hormone therapy” Lithuanian Obstetrics and Gynecology magazine t. XXI, Nr.1 2018 p. 96-98 | Oral Presentation “Comparison of Hyaluronic acid injection and local estrogen treatment for vulvovaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women” 3rd International Congress of Comestology and Cosmetic Gynecology

Kiosses Stelios

A motivated, highly qualified and thoroughly professional Consultant Psychotherapist demonstrating a genuine passion for assisting patients both with adults and adolescents in overcoming personal issues through an array of integrative approaches to treatment, having worked within leading private clinics and hospital units as well having acted as a TV Psychologist and Presenter for Channel 4 Television. Combining comprehensive professional experience and with the interpersonal and management skills required to build effective relationships with clients, colleagues and third-parties alike, exceeding the expectations of both clients and service commissioners. | 2014 – 2015:University of Oxford, PGCert, Supervision of Applied Psychological Practice - The Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training | 2010 – 2011:University of Oxford, PGCert, Psychodynamic Counselling | 1994 – 1996:University of Central England, PGDip, Counselling and Psychotherapy | 1992 – 1994:The University of Birmingham, MSc Human Factors | 1989 – 1992:University of Sussex, BSc(Hons), Experimental Psychology

Kolczewski Piotr

Vice president of The Polish Society of the Plastic and Reconstructive Gynecology. The former head of the Operative Gynecology Ward of the 109 Military Hospital in Stettin Poland . Currently He is the consultant in the field of operative gynecology of the teaching Hospital Of the Pomeranian Medical University in Stettin. The science editor and translator of the polish version of „ Female Genital Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery” by M. Goodman, the co-author of the polish handbook „Plastic Gynecology -Minimaly Invasive techniques. The editor of the polish „ Plastic and Reconstructive Gynecology Journal”. International faculty and trainer on many workshops in plastic gynecology and urogynecology.

Kuzlik Rafal

Specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. Plastic and reconstrative gynecologist with over twenty years of professional experience. He is endoscopist and oncological surgeon. Specialist in ultrasound imaging. Doctor Rafal Kuzlik received a lot of certificates confirming participation in numerous courses and trainings. He published many scientific papers. Co-author of three books (in Polish): „Plastic Gynecology”, „Physiotherapy after plastic surgical procedures” and „Microinvasive techniques in plastic gynecology”. Author of three surgery methods in the field of plastic gynecology: ”One Cut technique” and „linear Z technique” as simultaneus labia minora and clitoral hood reduction and „Double „O” technique” - repositionioning of the clitoris. He is also trainer of radio frequency methods in the field of non surgical treatment of female genital problems. Owner and principal of SaskaMed Clinic in Warsaw, Poland. The founder of Polish Academy of Plastic and Reconstractive Gynecology.

Lenhard Andreas

Andreas Lenhard MD / Gynaecologist | Specialist in Pelvic floor Reconstructive and Urine dysfunction on females (AGUB III) | Expert in medical and aesthetic laser specialist and in cosmetic & aesthetic gynecology. | Medical consultant for gynaecological ultrasound and prenatal diagnostics. | Founder of the „Baltic Prevention Congress“ a yearly incentive focussing on preventive medicine, aesthetics and nutrition, Dr. Lenhard is medical consultant for Basemed Medical Spa. | Specialist in orthomolecular medicine, preventive medicine and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. | Expert in fillers, botulism-toxins and other invasive facial treatments. | Member of DEGUM, DGGG and DGEM | Dr. Lenhard works with NdYAG, Alexandrite and CO2 Lasers in operative aswell as in aesthetic settings in his own office, he usually treats around 1600 patients monthly.

Lin Li-Ying

Certified plastic surgeon with Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan. She focuses on aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic gynecology, offering her clients facial and gynecological procedures in the private sector. Dr Lin has a strong passion for woman’s well-being and strive for beauty and health in her daily practice. Dr Lin is a senior member of The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology (ESAG) and a member of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology (ISCG). Previously, Dr Lin received her medical education in England. She gained her medical degree (MB ChB) at University of Leicester, U.K. and was awarded with Honours. After successful registration with the General Medical Council, she decided to return to her home country in Taiwan for further residency and specialist training. At Cathay General Hospital, Taipei, Dr Lin completed her residency in Surgery and continued on to pursue Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In her final year as a chief resident, she spent a month at University of Pennsylvania, U.S., as a clinical observer with pioneers in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery as well as Microsurgery.

Luksenburg Ariel

Based in Montevideo, Uruguay - International direction and training currently performed in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile | M.D. – Medical Doctor, UDELAR – Universidad de la República - Montevideo, Uruguay | Medical Surgeon – revalidated title in Chile | Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist – UDELAR – Montevideo, Uruguay | Specialized in Cosmetic Gynecology - (Colegio Mexicano de Gineco Cosmetica) | Specialized in the field of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Medicine (Aicer, Buenos Aires, Argentina) | Oficial Speaker Endopeel and Ginecology / uroginecology Endopeel sistem (Zurich - Suiza) | Specialized in Laser Fotona (Caracas, Venezuela) y Laser Lumiia (Buenos Aires) | Gynecological Society of Uruguay - Sociedad Ginecológica del Uruguay | President of SUGREF (Sociedad Uruguaya de Ginecología Estética y Funcional) | American Academy Aesthetic Medicine - AAAM | ICMS – (International Cellular Medicine Society) | Societá Colombo – Italiana di Medicina Estética | Mexican College of Cosmetic Gynecology - Colegio Mexicano de Gineco | Cosmética | Member of SACDAM Swiss Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine | Member and delegate for Uruguay of LATIN AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AESTHETIC AND FUNCTIONAL GYNECOLOGY (SOLAGEF) | Member and delegate for Uruguay of WORDL SOCIETY of COSMETIC GYNECOLOGY (WSCG)

Majoulet Laurene

2005 Lycée Saint Nicolas Passy Buzenval : Baccalauréat section Scientifique option Biologie, mention Bien | 2006 Faculté de médecine Paris 7 Denis Diderot Bichat-Lariboisière : obtention PCEM1 | 2011 : Epreuves Classantes Nationales : interne de Spécialité : Gynécologie- Obstétrique à Amiens | 2013-2014 Diplôme Inter Universitaire de Colposcopie et de pathologie cervicale Professeur Gondry obtention | 2014-2015 Diplôme Inter Universitaire d’Echographie fœtale Professeur Ville Paris Descartes | 2019 D.E.S.C de cancérologie option chirurgie Région OUEST | 2018-2019 Diplôme Inter Universitaire de Techniques Chirurgicales Sénologiques, Carcinologiques et Réparatrices Docteur Leymarie et Docteur Sarfati Paris Sud et Professeur Uzan Paris VI

Matambo Josh

Dr. Matambo completed his Medical Undergraduate training in 1992 at the University of Zimbabwe. After his internship he went on to specialize at the University of Natal in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and obtained his fellowship FCOG (SA) in the year 2000. He has been in practice as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist since 2001. Josh runs a successful Private Practice at Mediclinic Newcastle and is a part time Senior Specialist at the Provincial Hospital where he is involved in training Medical officers. As an Obstetrician he has delivered over 5000 babies in Northern KwaZulu Natal. Dr Matambo is currently the Chairperson of Mediclinic Newcastle. | Clinically he has interest in: Laparoscopic Surgery of which he has received training at IRCAD Institute in Strasbourg France ; Aesthetic Surgery of which he is a member of European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology (E.S.A.G.) and American Aesthetic Association (AAA). | A keen clinical researcher, he has been involved in international research as a Principal Investigator and also a co-investigator for studies with: International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM) 4 Studies; Pfizer Pharmaceuticals 2 Studies | Dr. Matamb is also a passionate academic and has attained the following Post Graduate qualifications between 1999 and 2014; Diploma in Advanced Management from the Manchester Business School – Nov 2003; Diploma in Advanced Management from The Foundation for Professional Development – April 2014; Diploma in Bridging the Gap in Reproductive Healthcare for Women in South Africa from the University of Karolinska in Sweden. – Oct 1999 | Dr. Matamb has an Aesthetic Gynaecological Practice at Mediclinic Morning Hospital in Johannesburg.

Menkes Sophie

Aesthetic physician, Medical Director at Forever Institut Geneva (Switzlerland), specialist in Aesthetic Gynecology, specialist in Regenerative Medicine (PRP, Microfat, Nanofat ...) specialist in Internal Medicine. Physician trainer HA and Toxin for Allergan, physician trainer Ulthera and Cellfina for Merz, physician trainer for Aesthetic Gynecology Vivacy (Desirial), physician trainer for Microfat and Nanofat grafting, PRP. Medical speaker at international courses and congress. University diploma teacher. University diploma of injection technique and fillers DUTIC Paris (France), University certificate of aesthetic and restorative gynecology CUMEG Paris (France), University diploma of mesotherapy DIU Mesotherapy Paris (France), University Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine AMME Paris (France). Member of the board SSME (Société Suisse de Médecine Esthétique) Fouding member of EAGAMPS (European Association for Genital Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery).

Mihai Diana

Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Fertility doctor and Gynaecology Aesthetician from Bucharest, Romania. Passionate about Aesthetics, she is Founding Member and President of the Romanian Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology and an international speaker of Aesthetic and Regenerative Gynecology. She is a senior active member in the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology (ESAG) and in the European Menopause and Andropause Society. She is a pioneer in this field in Romania, the first doctor in Romania to use Deka Monalisa Touch laser and the National Plasmolifting Trainer in Gynecology.

Murphy Robin

Professor Robin A. Murphy is the Experimental Psychology Fellow at Corpus Christi College Oxford and Associate Professor in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. Dr. Murphy leads the Computational Psychopathology Centre at Oxford. This group publishes papers in journals and books including Science and Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience on research at the interface between neuroscience, psychology and clinical diagnosis. He is on the editorial board of American Psychological Associations’s Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes and is Associate Editor for the Psychonomic Society's Learning & Behavior. His recent 2016 book The Wiley Handbook on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Learning is aimed at the advanced student to provide a state of the art in the area. He is involved in the search for an Alzheimer’s treatment (NeuroBio, UK) and with developing tools for the use of Social Analytics for psychological investment and the support of mental health (Garantier, UK).

Nalewczynska Agnieszka

Gynecologist from Poland specialised in Aesthetic Gynecology and Aesthetic Medicine as well. I am instructor in the treatment of gynecological problems with hyaluronic acid filler and PRP. I am a member of Polish Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Gynecology.

Naoum Nikos

Has been practicing in Athens for 25 years as a member of Hellenic Obstetrical and Gynecological Society. After many years in ob/gyn field, he began to pursue his second passion of aesthetic gynecology. Dr. Nikos Naoum expanded his practice by founding Ananeosi Medical Center, in 2011. He specializes in cosmetic-plastic gynecology and cosmetic surgery of the female patient. Dr. Nikos Naoum is also the President of the Greek Association of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Gynecology. "

Novikova Natalia

Gynaecologist with special interests in minimally invasive surgery, urogynaecology and aesthetic gynaecology. I am a dedicated clinician currently working in private practice at Mediclinic Cape Town, Oranjezicht and Sandton Day Clinic, Morningside, Johannesburg, South Africa –,, @gynaetaboos. I am a researcher with a number of publications on various subjects including a PhD and a Masters Degree. I am a president of South African Aesthetic Gynaecology Association which was founded in 2018. I ran workshops in Aesthetic Gynaecology in South Africa. I enjoy teaching and training. I strive to constantly develop my own skills and knowledge through courses, networking and academic work. I embrace teamwork and enjoy the development of top-quality services for women through implementation of updated policies and undertaking audits. I have experience working in low- and high-resource settings in various cultural environments (Ukraine), Sweden, Australia and South Africa), which helps me to stay open-minded and patient meanwhile aiming at excellence. I believe that each and every person can make a difference.

Papadopoulou Maria

Dr Maria Papadopoulou is a dedicated gynaecologist and anti-ageing specialist recognised by the ABAARM (American Board of Anti-Ageing and Retrograde Medicine). Based in London at the Bader Medical Institute and in Dubai, she has decades of experience, in which she has travelled the world, trained in Greece and United States of America to gain the medical knowledge to make her an expert in her field. She is an expert in cosmetic gynaecology and hormonal issues, Dr Papadopoulou is known for her caring, patient-centred approach, supporting all her patients by their side. She is using the newest and most sophisticated methods of detecting Hormonal Imbalances, Heavy Metals Toxicity and Oxidative Stress. She is collaborating with high-end compound pharmacies, so she is making tailor-made prescriptions using only Bio-identical Hormones and natural supplements for her patients. Her deep medical knowledge, the holistic approach and her Gynaecological background, they make her an unique expert in the field of Anti-Ageing & Prevention Medicine. She is the Vice President of European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology. Dr Maria is a well-known international speaker and an advisor to many respectful Consultancy Companies in the Medical Industry. She participates as a lecturer in ESAG’s training courses, where doctors from around the world are coming to be trained in Cosmetic Gynaecology & Anti-Ageing Medicine.

Pardo Jack

Gynecologist from Santiago de Chile. Urogynecologist&Cosmeticginecologist; since 2003. Author of more than 60 papers in which are the first worldwide publications on: Vaginal Rejuvenation, Laser Labiaplasty, Labia mayora lifting among others. Board member the main cosmetic CosmGyn Societies. Lecturer in dozens of countries. Award winner in scientific societies (5). Medical Director and owner of Clínica Ginestética . Founder and past chairman of the IUGA SIG of Cosmetic Gynecology . More than 100 television appearances spreading his professional experience. Fanatic golf player, love read History and amateur singer.

Pelosi II Marco

Marco A. Pelosi graduated in obstetrics and gynecology from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Medical School where he also completed a fellowship in OB/GYN oncology. He has been in private practice since 1975, being initially certified in the field of OB/GYN in 1974 and recertified several times since then. Dr. Pelosi's extensive writing on topics related to his specialty includes over 165 published articles and contributions to several textbooks. In addition to lecturing frequently at both the national and international levels, he also performs live surgical demonstrations and presents videos and scientific exhibits, a number of which have earned awards: he is a four-time Golden Laparoscope Award winner for World’s Best Surgical Video (American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists).

Pelosi III Marco

Marco Antonio Pelosi III, MD is an American cosmetic gynecologist, pelvic surgeon, and whole body aesthetic surgeon. He is the younger half of the internationally renowned Pelosi-Pelosi team who created the specialty of cosmetogynecology and founded the ISCG, its first & largest society, he has taught and demonstrated his groundbreaking techniques to the large majority of today’s up and coming experts & opinion leaders and collaborated with and united the most famous and talented surgeons in the field. Sought after by patients, surgeons, the media and the medical industry, he has more than 100 published articles, over 600 global presentations and over two decades of surgical experience to his credit. He serves as chairman, program director, subject matter specialist, section editor for some of the largest entities in profession. Trained and board certified in gynecology & pelvic surgery in the Cornell University medical system in Manhattan, and postgraduate-trained in aesthetic surgery nationally & internationally with some of the finest plastic, dermatologic and cosmetic surgeons in the world, he maintains a busy surgical practice that caters to women’s aesthetic and gynecologic needs in the New York metro area. His main aesthetic interests are body contouring & cosmetic gynecology. Dr Pelosi III envisions a goal of global excellence in cosmetic gynecology on par with established cosmetic operations through the dissemination of structured, top quality education and close collaboration with aesthetic surgeons from all specialties.

Serafin Dawid

He is considered one of the first Poland’s gynecologists specialized in Aesthetic Gynecology. Dr Serafin is well known as an expert in the treatment of aesthetic gynecologic conditions using the hyaluronic acid filler and lasers. Dr Dawid Serafin is the lecturer on current topics and techniques in Aesthetic Gynecology. He is the author of his own Labiaplasty technique - Dewedge Technique, based on laser cutting method. He also is an international member od Spanish Associaton od Aesthetic Gynecology (SEGEREF) also a senior member of The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology (ESAG) and scientific comittee member of The International Association of Aesthetic Gynaecology and Sexual Wellbeing (IAAGSW) and International Society of Gynecology, Aesthetics and Research (ISGAR)

Soliman Hassan

Ob & Gyn Consultant and head of Department in Saudi German Hospital since 2007. | The chief of Ob & Gyn Departments in all Saudi German Hospitals In K.S.A. | Head of Laparoscopic unit in Saudi German Hospital, Aseer. | Founder and head of the Gyn Cosmetic unit in Saudi German Hospital in Aseer. | M.B.B.CH, Ain Shams University, Cairo , Egypt, 1983 | M.Sc.(Ob&Gyn;), Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt 1989 | M.D Thesis, Zagaic University, Zagazic, Egypt, 1998 | Diploma of Ob.& Gyn, Women Health Dublin, Ireland, 2000 | The Fellowship of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh FRCS, (Gyn Surgery.) Edinburgh, Scotland, 2000 | The Fellowship of Obstetricians & Gynecologists FRCOG, London, Uk., 2000 | M.D. Degree (Supreme Counsel Universities), 2001 | The Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons, Delhi, India, 2014 | The Fellowship in Assisted Reproductive Technology. Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Delhi, India., 2014 | The Fellowship in Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery & Rejuvenation, European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology. Dubai, UAE. 2015 | The Fellowship in Cosmetic Gynecology. American Aesthetic Association. Amman, Jordan. 2018

Soto Jorge de Leon

Specialist in Cosmetic Gynecology, Cosmetic medicine and Surgery and Antiaging Director of Centro de Cuidados Integrales (CCI), Guatemala BOARD CERTIFIED Médico y Cirujano, Maestría en Ginecología y Obstetricia, Máster en Medicina Estética y Antienvejecimiento, Miembro de la International Society Cosmetoginecology (ISCG), Miembro de la Asociacion Colombiana de Medicina y Cirugia Estetica (ACOLMECE) Miembro de la Sociedad Argentina de Ginecología Estética (SARGE), Miembro de la Academia Médica de Ginecología Estética y Regenerativa (AMGER), Miembro de la Asociación de Ginecología y Obstetricia de Guatemala (AGOG), Miembro de la Federación Centroamericana de Asociaciones de Obstetricia y Ginecología (FECASOG), Miembro de la Federación Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Obstetricia y Ginecología (FLASOG) Founder and Director of the Aesthetic, Laser, Functional and Regenerative Gynecology Diploma UPANA, Guatemala. RESIDENCY TRAINING Master in OBGYN | Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala USAC Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Antiaging Universidad Panamericana UPANA FELLOWSHIP TRAINING International Society Cosmetoginecology (ISCG), Alinsod Institute for Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery (AIAVS) TRAINING Minimally Invasive Facial Surgery, Asociacion Colombiana de 2019 Medicina y Cirugia Estetica Graduated on Functional Aesthetic, Regenerative Gynecology 2019 AVEMER, Venezuela Master Class European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology 2019 ESAG Diploma Cosmetic Surgery, Functional and Regenerative 2018 Medicine in Gynecology SARGE, AMGER Thermi-O, O-Shot and Radiofrecuency in Gynecology 2018 Red Alinsod Institute AIAVS

Stoica Sabrina

Romanian gynecologist and Carol Davila University of Medicine graduate. Dr. Sabrina Stoica has been practicing obstetrics and gynecology in both public and private sectors for the past 10 years with a keen interest towards Aesthetic Gynecology and Regenerative Medicine. Member of the Romanian Society of Aesthetic Gynecology, published author and active speaker in both national and international events.

Todorut Florina

Dr. Florina is a MEMBER OF A SERIES OF NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SOCIETIES: ESAG, AAA,SREG, ISOUG, SLS, AAGL , SAGES , AIUM , SROG,SRGOG. MULTIPLE PARTICIPATIONS AT NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES | LAPAROSCOPIC SURGEON , COLPOSCOPY, OBSTETRICIAN, GENITAL ESTETICS AND FUNCTIONALITY AUGMENTATION, MATERNO FETAL MEDICINE | 01/2010 to Current, Spital Premiere - Timișoara, TM | 01/2006 to Current, Gyniclinique - Timișoara, TM | MD 01/2006 to 07/2010, Municipal Clinical Emergency Hospital of Timisoara - Timișoara, TM | Jul 2006, OB/GYN SPECIALIST: GYNECOLOGY, RESIDENCY IN OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY - Timișoara, Timiș | Jul 2001, M.D.: MEDICINE, Victor Babeş University of Medicine and Pharmacy - Timișoara, TM

Wildecir Barros

Graduated in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of Teresópolis (FESO - 1985), graduated in Gynecology and Obstetrics from Faculdade Gaúcha, graduated in Dermatology from Faculdade incisa / Imam, Graduated in Aesthetic Medicine from the Brazilian Institute of Research and Teaching (AIME), residency in Orthopedics and Traumatology at the Hospital das Forças Armadas (HFA), graduated in Biology with a master's / doctorate / bachelor's degree from the Pedro Segundo Humanity Faculty, Orthopedist and Traumatologist at the Hospital of the Federal District Foundation (FHDF), Medical Director of the Department of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Dermatology at Clínica Bella Forma Laser Brasília - DF, Vice President of the Brazilian Society of CosmetoGynecology. Member of the International Society of Cosmetologynecology. Member of La Sociedad Española of Functional Regenerative Aesthetic Gynecology. Member of the Sociedad Argentina of Gynecology and Aesthetics.

De Oliveira Luisa Guedes

Sayeg Ana Lucia

Mustafa Aldam

Aznar Fernando

Haddad Rashad

Meshack Mbokota

Prabhu Mishra

Ritter Raul Rios

Zalaquett Jose Antonio

Norgaard Christian

Auwad Wael

Cabrera Silvia

Tenenbaum Alain

Alain Tenenbaum, M.D.,Ph.D.,D.Sc

Specialties: ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery- Paris, Aeronautic and Cosmonautic Medicine-Paris, Human Biology-Paris, Biological Physico Chemistry-Paris, Biophysics: Signal treatment applied to medicine-Paris, Biomathematics: Mathematical modelisation in medicine-Paris, Biostatistics: Multidimensional Analysis in Principal Components, Discriminant Analysis in anistropic spaces ( not linear)-Paris. 

Distinctions: Ex Associated Professor of Informatics- Faculty of Medicine- Nancy, Silver Medal of Faculty of medicine- University of Paris, Honour Member of Many Societies of Plastic Surgery ,Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, President of Swiss Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine SACDAM, Past President of International Peelings Society IPSC, National Delegate for Switzerland at EAFPS ( European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery), Ex Webmaster of website of EAFPS, Doctor Honoris Causae in Sciences , Henan University,China, Associated Professor of Plastic Surgery-Zhengzhou,China, Professor of Peelings at Fachakademie für Aesthetische und Medizinische Kosmetik, Zürich-Switzerland, 

Research and Development: Peelings Chemistry at Styling Cosmetics AG, Chemical Etiopathogeny of Complications of Fillers and Endoprosthesis, Endopeel or Chemical myoplasty and myopexy at Styling Cosmetics AG, Webmaster and SEO Expert for the fields of Plastic surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology ,Cosmeto Gynecology ,Anti Aging and Aesthetic Medicine

Member of: ESCAD, European Society of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology, FMH, Federation of Medical doctors of Helvetia (Switzerland), EAFPS, European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, ASMAG.

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