The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology, E.S.A.G. is a premier professional organization of cosmetic gynecologists located in Europe as well as worldwide, who specialize in aesthetic (cosmetic) surgical gynecology. E.S.A.G. aims to decisively contribute towards the promotion of innovation in aesthetic surgical gynecology in Europe and beyond.



ESAG is the premier Society in Cosmetic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Gynecology in Europe and all over the globe; with its members today coming from over 90 different countries worldwide. Register to...


ESAG 4th World Congress, June 27th & 28th 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland. The past years ESAG Congresses have come to take the stage light and become the inimitable worldwide gathering of Cosmetic, Aesthe...


ESAG provides a full line of Live Cases training courses on Surgical and Non-Surgical Female Genitalia Cosmetic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Procedures; aiming to provide an intensive training on the f...


ESAG delivers a full set of educational & training courses and workshops by promoting Innovative Practices enabling skilled medical physicians to become proficient in the latest techniques, procedures...

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ESAG Announcement

The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology would like to announce to all Scientific Members, Senior Members, Members and Followers that has concluded all forms of cooperation with Dr. Matthieu Beustes Stefanelli. As of 01/08/2017 Dr. Matthieu Be

Use of Platelet Rich Plasma for Vulvovaginal Autoimmune Conditions Like Lichen Sclerosus

Abstract | BACKGROUND: Lichen sclerosus (LS) is an inflammatory dermatosis with autoimmune pathogenesis. Although relatively common, its true incidence is unknown and likely underestimated. LS is usually anogenital, but in around 10% of patients,

Using the thermo-ablative vaginal laser in women with recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Using the thermo-ablative vaginal laser in women with recurrent Urinary Tract Infections: First experience in the United Kingdom of this novel treatment. Dr. Steve Foley and Dr. Bob Yang  Introduction and

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26 Jun

ESAG 4th World Congress

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

June 27th & 28th, 2019 Edinburgh, Scotland Christmas is here Early Regis...

19 Feb

London February 2019 | Live Cases Training Courses on Surgical and Non Surgical Female Genitalia Cosmetic Procedures

Location: 33 Cavendish Square, Marylebone, London

The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology | ESAG is delighted to present Live Cases Training Cour...

29 Jan

ISCG World Congress 2019 Orlando: January 29-30, 2019

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

About the Event The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology supports the upcoming World...