Dr. Guillermo Blugerman

MD, President AAMCC & WAOCS, Honorary Member American ACS & Austrian ACS

Dr. Blugerman is the Medical Director of Centros B&S de Excelenecia en Cirugía Plástica. Completed his Medical education at the UNNE (Universidad Nacional del Nordeste). He moved to Buenos Aires to continue his specialization in Plastic Surgery at the Ripetta Foundation. He has worked as a Plastic Surgeon from 1987 contributing with more than 50 papers and book chapters in international publications. He is the President of Argentinean Association of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery AAMCC, Actual President of the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (WAOCS), Honorary Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the Austrian Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Board Member of the DASIL. He visits and teaches Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine in 70 different countries and performs live surgical demonstration in 25 of them. Dr. Blugerman was the introducer of Laser Assisted Liposuction in body contouring in1999 and Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction in 2009. He is the International Editor of American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery.