Message from the president

I am delighted to welcome you to the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology website. ESAG constitutes an aspiring not-for-profit professional organization aligned to medical education excellence in the field of Aesthetic Gynecology. I will be very glad to welcome you as a member of ESAG and work constructively with all members in order to ensure the organization always stays valuable, relevant and useful to the aesthetic gynecology community.

Dr. Alexandros Bader

MD, FAAOCG, President and Founder of E.S.A.G.

About ESAG

Learn more about our vision

The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology | ESAG is a premier professional organization of cosmetic gynecologists located in Europe as well as worldwide, who specialize in aesthetic (cosmetic) surgical gynecology. ESAG aims to decisively contribute towards the promotion of innovation in aesthetic surgical gynecology in Europe and beyond.

The mission of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology | ESAG focuses on the provision of medical and public education in the field of aesthetic gynecology, as well as the contribution, in a charitable way, to challenged patient groups who may benefit from the organization’s expertise.

ESAG is a registered non-profit organization and operates under the statutes governing such organizations' activities in the European Union law.

The key values of ESAG include:

  • Structured Knowledge Distribution ESAG aims to promote, expand and improve at a Europe-wide and worldwide level education related to, and exercising of, aesthetic gynecology, especially female cosmetic surgery.

  • Targeted Medical Innovation ESAG intends to facilitate and enable its members to implement cutting-edge aesthetic gynecology techniques, improving and replacing traditional scientific techniques where there is merit in doing so, with a focus on reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the labia and outer female genitals.

  • Medical Education ESAG intends to provide and promote modern techniques related to the field of aesthetic gynecology in educational sessions or courses or similar events aimed at medical practitioners in Europe and beyond, who wish to expand their scientific knowledge of given subjects.

  • Charitable Action ESAG intends to provide relief, via consultation meetings, pro bono advice sessions, and pro bono reconstructive surgery treatments, to challenged patient groups who may benefit from the organization’s expertise – These may include sexual assault victims, patients subjected to operations by force, et al.

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