EDUCATION : Doctor of Medicine, Gottingen University, Germany (1978-1984)| MSc in Aesthetic Genital Surgery and the non-surgical genital rejuvenation, European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery ECAMS, Austria, 2017 | Specialisation in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Alexandra General Hospital of Athens, Greece, (1989-1991) | Specialisation in Gynaecology, General Hospital of Athens, Greece (1986-1988) WORK EXPERIENCE : Founder, CEO and Infertility specialist, IASO IVF Reproductive Centre (1996-Present) | Founder, Board-member and Gynaecologist-Obstetrician, Evangelismos Private Hospital in Paphos, Cyprus (1994-Present) | Sub-Specialisation in Invitro Fertilisation, Reproductive Fertility Centre & the Assisted Reproduction unit of Kings College Hospital in London (1992-1993) MEMBERSHIPS: Member of the ESHRE society and participant of the annual congresses | Member of the Medical Council of Cyprus | Member of the A4M