laura donati


DR LAURA DONATI SHORT CV Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1994 (University la Sapienza-Rome- Italy). Specialization in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1998 (University of Perugia- Italy) Among formative experiences: Medical clerkship in the Prenatal Medicine Program University of Muenster (Germany), Medical Mission as Ob/Gyn in Tabaka ( Kenya -St Camillus Mission Hospital) and in Tiblisi (Georgia - St Camillus Poliambulatory), From 2002 to 2016 Registrar at the Ob/Gyn Department of two local Hospitals in Umbria (Italy), providing wide experience of routinary and emergency cases, included labour ward, as well of ambulatory gyn : ultrasound 3D/4D, colposcopy, office hysteroscopy. Medical Students’ tutorage. Special professional skill in prenatal medicine, expertise sonographer with National and FMF (London) accreditation, good abilities in invasive and non invasive prenatal procedures. Member of; SIGO (It Soc Ob/GYN), AOGOI (It Ass Hosp GYN /OB), SIEOG (It Soc ultrasound Ob/Gyn), AIGEF (It Ass Aesthetic and Functional Gyn) From June 2016 full time private consultant. Choice taken In the full maturity of professional and personal life, desiring to break down with the routine and to go further in feminine health and well being through new knowledge. First significant step moved at the IMA in Dubai in October 2016 (non surgical VC ESAG hands on course) representing the beginning of laser application in practice. Working at the moment with no ablative (Erbium) laser) , performing also PRP therapy for intima genitalia problems.