Mochament A Elnagar

obstetrics - gynecology

Diploma in reproductive medicine & training in IVF, University of Athens-Feb, 2017 | Master degree in reproductive regenerative medicine from the University of Athens-Feb 26,2015 (Msc in IVF) | Attendance of the Postgraduate Course in Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery & Uro gynecology in Athens (1/11/2012 - 14/03/2013) | Awarded the title of medical specialization in Obstetrics Gynecology from the prefecture of Athens on March 23,2004 (Greek Board) | Certificate in Medicine, University of Athens-May 24,1996 | Member of the European Board & College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (EBCOG) | GMC United Kingdom Registration ref. No.7157028 | Membership of Athens Medical Association ( | Member of Saudi Obs&Gyn Society (SOGS) | Holding the certificate of Saudi council for health specialties, as Obs & Gyne (Consultant)