Farahnaz Ghasemy

I studied Doctorate in Rafsanjan university of medica sciences during 1990-1997 And then i get my obstetrics Gynecology at 2003 at isfahan university of medical science From then i am working as an OB & GYN in diffrent places for example : -Head of gynecology in Goldis hospital shahinshahr,isfahan,iran -Private office since 2004 till now -Saadi hospital since 2004 till now I also have translated 3 books on my field . It has been 8 years since 2017 that i entered Cosmetic Gynecology area and been practicing and entering different classes and seminars on this area i also have my own cosmetic gynecology clinic named Rasta in isfahan,iran and i am teaching my fellow gynecologists for 3 years as well.