Elisabeth Dancey

Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Elisabeth Dancey has been practising Aesthetic Medicine for over 20 years. Her journey started with the study of Mesotherapy in Liege, Belgium, introducing the discipline to the UK in 1993 and declaring that cellulite was a medical condition. Since then mesotherapy has expanded and become mainstream as has the understanding of cellulite as a pathological condition. Her clinic grew from mesotherapy and sclerotherapy years before toxin and fillers were launched and now encompasses the use of injectables (including of course toxin and fillers), products, light-based therapies and energy-based therapies. Aspects of the face and body can be addressed in her clinic registered by the CQC for the treatment of disease, damage and disorder and for aesthetic conditions due to ageing and the vagaries of life. Dr Elisabeth Dancey is also an organic farmer and gardener and understands plants and animals as well as humans. She learns from Nature, a harmonious self-healing system. The body has its own perfect healing mechanisms which if encouraged can bring return to full health. Disease is the dialogue of the body. Our busy world and artificial systems can prevent us from listening to our bodies and to responding appropriately. Every symptom, sign, disease or illness springs from a disturbance of our harmonious state. Looking more holistically into disease allows doctors and therapists to consider the underlying causes and aim for a more thorough healing process, better results, improved self-esteem and reduced recurrence. In the last year Dr Dancey has competed her Licentiateship in Homeopathy and is now studying at intermediate level. She is also (thanks to the lockdown restriction in patient load) studying a wider Naturopathy course with the College of Practical Homeopathy. A wider education and understanding of the human condition permits the incorporation of natural remedies into her practice to support her Aesthetic intervention.