Dr Nicolas Berreni


Dr Berreni holds a medical degree from Nancy University. He then specialized in surgical gynecology at Toulouse University and became head of gynecology and obstetrics department of Foix and Pamiers hospitals in 1981. Between 1990 and 1993, he was leading an important European project focused on dynamic phototherapy in the oncologic field. In the light of these results, Dr Berreni was recruited by the international center of endoscopic surgery of Clermont-Ferrand to lead the teaching program of this institution. In the meantime, he conducted an important research program for the medical imaging department of Enseight-Polytechnic school of Toulouse. He learnt plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine at Paris and Nice University. Dr Berreni is actually practicing as a gynecologist-obstetrician and plastic surgeon in Perpignan. Co-founder and Secretary General of research group and innovation in genital rejuvenation.