Marta Doncheva


DR MARTA DONCHEVA, co-founder of Mclinic, is a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics with 30 years of experience. Her professional interests are in the field of endoscopic methods for diagnosis and treatment; she performs minimally invasive surgeries on a daily basis. In obstetrics she supports natural birth but, of course, respects her patients' choice, showing empathy and giving them all the attention they need. In actual fact, she is one of the physicians in whose eyes you see a safe haven, trust and safety – you clearly feel that you are at the right place, in the right hands. She has attended a number of trainings and specialisations in Bulgaria and abroad and continues to upgrade her skills and to follow the global innovations. In the past couple of years Dr Doncheva set her profession- al focus on aesthetic gynecology by skillfully combining surgical intervention with non-invasive procedures. As she herself shares: "Now I feel more than excited and happy to help hundreds of women."