Istanbul | Hands-on training course on Invasive and Non Invasive Female Genitalia Cosmetic Procedures

About the Event

European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology, ESAG is delighted to present Hands-on training courses on Invasive and Non Invasive Female Genitalia Cosmetic Procedures with a fully rejuvenated scientific program.



Alexandros Bader, MD, FAAOCG, FAACS


Specialist Pelvic Floor Reconstruction - CosmeticGynecology(London-Dubai-Athens)

President and Founder of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology –ESAG

President and Founder of the World Institute of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Gynecology "WICAG"

Inventor of STVT®, Femi-O® and VVR® techniques

Stelios Kiosses, MSc, MBACP Reg., MBPsS, UK

Consultant Psychotherapist

Computational Psychopathology Research Group,University of Oxford-UK

The course aims to provide an intensive training on Invasive and Non-Invasive procedures on Cosmetic & Aesthetic Gynecology.

The duration of the course is 4 days, which include both theory and hands-on training on live cases.


The training program will include:


  • Anatomy theory with video training for Surgical Cosmetic Gynecology
  • The Art of Cosmetic Counselling of patients that will undergo Cosmetic Gynecology procedures
  • Extended theory of Invasive and Non-Invasive Cosmetic & Aesthetic Gynecology
  • Anatomy theory with video training for Non- Surgical Cosmetic & Aesthetic Gynecology
  • Technology application for Vulvo-Vaginal Rejuvenation, functional & Aesthetic enhancement

Hands-on Live Cases training:

  • Hands-on live training on the full list of Female Genital Cosmetic – Aesthetic surgeries
  • Live anatomy training in parallel plan
  • Injectables for Vulvo-Vaginal Rejuvenation, functional & Aesthetic enhancement  


Attendees will be able to participate on live Invasive and Non-Invasive cases, and learn tips and tricks of Cosmetic & Aesthetic Gynecology. The program will include maximum number of 8-10 live hands-on cases with the full spectrum of the related indications.


Covered Topics:

  • Labia Minora Plasty
  • Labia Majora Plasty
  • Clitoral Hood Plasty “Inverted U & Camouflage techniques”
  • Combination of Labia Minora Plasty and Clitoroplasty using inverted Z technique
  • Single Thread Vaginal Tightening STVT®
  • Perineoplasty
  • Non -invasive Laser Vaginal & Vulvar Rejuvenation
  • Using Non-Invasive Laser for Vaginal Rejuvenation and Treatment of Stress Urine Incontinence Type I, II
  • RegenKit A-PRP® & CellularMatrixA-PRP-HA® application into Vulvo-Vaginal tissues
  • Non-Invasive Laser Vulvar skin Tightening
  • Laser Vulvar skin Bleaching
  • Labia Majora Augmentationby Fillers,
  • Botox® application for the dyspareunia treatment
  • FEMI-O® &Vampire Vaginal Rejuvenation VVR®
  • G -Spot® Amplification  with G-Shot® technique
  • O Shot® therapy for enhanced Female sexual function