ESAG 2nd World Congress

About the Event

The 2nd World Congress of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology “ESAG” will take place from May 10th  to 12th 2017, in Madrid (Spain).

Enduring the success of the 1st World Congress this International meeting will gather the fathers of Cosmetic Gynecology from all over the world in one session in Europe. The congress will be comprehensive and attendees will have the chance to interact and learn tips and tricks and various techniques on Reconstructive & Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery and debates between experts on their techniques.

Listen to expert professionals with immense scientific background from every corner of the world exposing their tricks and tips; participate on ”The Experts Workshops” and be educated with step by step analysis by keynote speakers. Participate in “The Morning Show” during which multi technologies will be exposed, analyzed and debated by experts followed by the “Congress Master Session”.

Congress Timeline

Day 1     |    May 10th, 2017    |    Pre-Congress Workshops (sponsored sessions)
Day 2     |    May 11th, 2017    |    Congress 1st day – Lectures
Day 3     |    May 12th, 2017    |    Congress 2nd day – Morning Debate with Non-invasive technologies debate & Master sessions with live video show

Congress Main Topics

• Vaginal Rejuvenation (Invasive and non-Invasive methods)
• Various techniques on Labia Minora Plasty (Wedge, Curvilinear, flaps)
• Labiaplasty Revision
• Various techniques on Labia Majora Plasty (Lifting, camel toe)
• Fat transfer and Fillers in genital area (Perineum, Labia Minora, Labia Majora, introits)
• G-Spot® Amplification
• PRP & GF and role for genitalia enhancement
• O-Shot®
• FEMI-O® & Vampire Vaginal Rejuvenation VVR®
• Botulinum toxin for sexual function treatment
• Single Thread Vaginal Tightening STVT®
• Various techniques on Clitoroplasty and Lifting (Inverted Z technique, Inverted U technique, Camouflage technique & The Pelosi’s technique)
• Non-Invasive Vaginal Rejuvenation and Treatment of Stress urine incontinence (All technologies will be reviewed and discussed)
• Laser Vulvar Bleaching

• Non-Invasive Laser Vulvar Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation 

ESAG Scientific Committee

• Alexandros Bader, MD, FAAOCG – UK
• Red Alinsod, MD, FACOG, FACS, ASGE – USA
• Jorge Elias, MD – ARGENTINA
• Jack Pardo, MD – CHILE
• Nicolas Berreni, MD – FRANCE
• Charles Runels, MD – USA
• Pablo Gonzalez Isaza, MD – COLOMBIA
• Jennifer Poning Lee, MD – TAIWAN
• Fernando Aznar, MD – SPAIN
• Cesar Arroyo, MD – SPAIN
• Amr Seifeldin, MD – EGYPT
• Gustavo Leibaschoff, MD – ARG
• Yona Tadir, MD – USA
• Marco Pelosi II, MD, FACOG, FAACS, FICS – USA
• Marco Pelosi III, MD, FACOG, FAACS, FICS – USA
• Alia Humaid AlQassimi, MD – UAE
• Alejandro Carbone, MD – ARGENTINA
• Paolo Scollo, MD – ITALY
• Oscar Aguirre, MD – USA
• Stelios Kiosses, MSc, MBACP Reg., MBPsS – UK
• July Jaimes, MD – SPAIN
• Jorge Gaviria, MD – VENEZUELA
• Rashad Haddad, MD – UAE
• Ziv Karni, MD – ISRAEL
• Maria Luz Bstardas, MD – ARG
• Marta Blumska-Janiak, MD – POLAND
• Rafal Kuzlik, MD – POLAND
• Gafoor Mubarak, MD – MALAYSIA
• Maria Papadopoulou, MD – UK
• Ksenija Selih-Martinec, MD – SLOVENIA
• Ahmad Qahtani, MD – UAE