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Live Medical Education   

A vertically integrated eLearning Platform on 

Cosmetic, Reconstructive, Functional & Regenerative Gynaecology 

Medical Education at your fingertips. 

Your Skills. Your Time.

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Live Medical Education is the only medical eLearning platform specializing on Cosmetic, Reconstructive, Functional & Regenerative Gynaecology providing medical and healthcare professionals access to up to date, high quality, and CME-accredited training via On Demand and Live eLearning.

Continuous education is imperative in the medical sector as the ever-increasing innovation in techniques, methodologies and “tools” are transforming the sector itself and shape new patient needs and expectations.

Physicians need to develop their knowledge and competence not only to sustain and expand their everyday practice, but also for acquiring the required and approved Continuing Medical Education credits (CME) during each annual renewal cycle.

To do so, medical practitioners often travel in person to participate in events, congresses and other forums that serve as their training and education media, incurring significant travel and participation costs, while spending invaluable time away from their everyday practice.

Live Medical Education provides healthcare and medical professionals with new and flexible means of accessing high-quality medical education, innovations and methodologies, at their convenience, based on their own training needs and schedule.

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