London June 8, 2023 | Master Class on Hormonal Imbalances, Nutrients & IV treatments in Women

The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology | ESAG is delighted to  present its new Master Class in Hormonal imbalances, Nutrients & IV   treatments in Women


Maria Papadopoulou, MD, ABAARM

Ob&Gyn Consultant (London)

Board Certified American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine - A4M

Vice-President of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology –ESAG

Founder and Co-director of the Bader Medical Institute of London

The    Master class aims to provide an intensive training to fully    understand Hormonal imbalances, the benefits of BHRT, Nutrients and    Herbal Medicine, alongside IV treatment protocols. The duration of the    course is 1 day.

Covered Topics:

  • Understanding the Female hormones
  • Cortisol and its significant role in the balancing of Female hormones
  • The role of Androgens in Females
  • The importance of E/P
  • Adrenal glands Cortisol/DHEA balance
  • Where to test and how
  • Treatment protocols
  • How to find a compound pharmacy
  • Understanding Nutrients & Herbs - Important role of adaptogens
  • Heavy Metals & environmental pollutants
  • Introduction of IV treatment, Safety, Documentation, Potential complications
  • IV treatment protocols, Vitamin C Drips, Heavy Metals detoxification, Glutathione IV treatment
  • Patient models/treatment approach

An    exclusive number of six (6) attendees will be able to participate and   will benefit by being able to identify their patients’ needs and feel   competent to manage and effectively treat them.